Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks Jay!!

My good buddy Mr. Jaycee over at A Choice of Weapons has been harrassing me about blogging more frequently. He wrote a bunch of hilarious satirical pieces in an effort to rile me up. Check them out, they were all great. Jay has a great, yet disturbingly strange, sense of humor. Thanks for taking the time to poke fun at me Jay.

I was going to post a few picks of various man boobs as a thank you to Jay, he loves man boobs, but I just did a search and really hurt myself. Oh God the horror! Trust me, never do a search for man boobs, not if you cherish your vision. Aaaaaahh!! My eyes are still burning.

PS - Jay, that stuff that was on your sleeve the other day was Monkey Poop!!! Gotcha!!!

I will blog again soon!!!