Friday, August 1, 2008

Sick of being Daddy

The title for this post is a little misleading. I love my kids and I love being their father. My life would not be complete with out them. My issue is with how women or more specifically my wife views me. When she looks at me I feel like she only sees Daddy. I hate being seen as Daddy. Yeah Daddy's are loving and responsible. They can be handsome, I have been told I am. They are safe. They are soooo damn boring! Who wants to be that? I don't, at least not all the time. I realize I need to bring stability and all that good stuff to the family but sometimes I want to be looked at solely as a man not as Daddy. I want to be seen as the guy who she wants to fuck her brains out not just the guys who makes love to her and comforts her. I want to be the dude that brings out her inner freak not just the cat she is so comfortable with that we can joke and play during sex. Right now I hate being Daddy. What happens after marriage that changes you from a sexual dynamo who she can't get enough of to dude she loves to much to be truly nasty with?

I find it funny when women tell me that they think it's sexy when they see men with their kids being good fathers. Bullshit. They may think it's cute but not sexy. They don't see Daddy and get wet. They respect Daddy but the panties, they do not fall. Women are lying to themselves and you. They want a dude with no kids, no responsibilities because he can provide the attention they need. There is nothing sexy about kids knocking at the door just as she gets close to an orgasm. Nope, not sexy at all. And women know that.
It sucks being seen only as Daddy when I am so much more.

My wife keeps sending me these emails of encouragement and support for an issue we are currently dealing with and I love her for it. God knows it makes me stronger and helps me so much but what about the other emails? Where is the I want you to do this that and the other to me or I want to do this that and the other to you? Am I asking for to much here? Just to be clear this is not a sex thing. Our sex life is good. I know she loves me but I want to know she wants me. Who doesn't want to be wanted?


Mista Jaycee said...

Yeah, the wimmen all say they want a sensitive man but what they really want is a masculine version of themselves.

Sauce said...

bruh, you said something in this post here. real talk.