Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Simple Rules To Honoring Your Wife by Pastor Creflo Dollar

I just watched Pastor Creflo Dollar (I always laugh at his name, sounds like a pimp) preach about honoring your wife and I had to share it.

10 Simple Rules to Honoring your Wife
  1. Open doors for her.
  2. Offer to hold her hand as she ascends / descends steps or enters / exits a vehicle.
  3. Give her the extra money sometimes so she can spend it on herself. She will appreciate it and will see that you are sacrificing yourself for her benefit. She will likely reciprocate this action.
  4. Tell her how beautiful she and do it often. Most women cannot hear this enough.
  5. Honor her in front of your children. She will feel special, your son will learn how to treat his wife, and your daughter will learn what to expect from her husband.
  6. Take her out to eat dinner and let her do all of the talking.
  7. Call her during the day just to let her know that she is loved and missed. (My 2 cents - Don't call her to complain about what she did or did not do.)
  8. Schedule time for just her. Cut off the cell phones if you can. Plan something creative and interesting to do.
  9. Write her notes of love, appreciation, and encouragement.
  10. Remember the special dates.

We need to remember to treat our wives like the valuable people they are.


Mista Jaycee said...

I can still watch strange boobs though right?
Do I have to actually look at her?
Just kidding, that real good advice even coming from dude. I can't take him serious, CREFLO! CREFLO DOLLAR! Sounds like a name from a 70's Blaxpoltation flick! If he does have a real anoiting though then well what's in a name?

Serious Black said...

I can't say whether he is genuine or not only that his words have blessed me greatly.