Saturday, August 9, 2008

Say hello to the bad guy!

I've noticed a trend among you evil monkeys out there. It seems that you don't want to take responsibility for your own actions so you disguise your desire as an inquiry. Cut the monkey business and get real. I see what you are doing even if you don't.

That clever little evil monkey that lurks in us all will pose a question that he already knows the answer so you are forced to answer it thus eliminating his need to make a decision for himself. Then he is free to blame you for the outcome.

For example, my man Big Bird will tell his pals on Sesame Street that he doesn't want to see any strangers on his block today. Yes, Big Bird is gansta like that. Everyone will say they are cool with it and agree. Then a little bit later Ernie will pop up with his folks from out of town that no one knows and ask the Birdman if it's cool if they kick it on Sesame street. The answer is no and Ernie already knows that. He, just like our inner evil monkeys, does not want to take responsibility for his actions or look weak in front of his people so he puts the Bird on the spot. Big Bird says hell no, not on my block. Now Ernie and his people are pissed. They talk major trash behind Big Birds back about him being mean and angry. Instead of standing by what he agreed to do Ernie makes Big Bird into the bad guy by forcing him to make the decision instead of just telling his folks they had to bounce.

Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't make it someone else's decision whether or not you do right or wrong. Don't put other people on the spot in front of your friends. Stop making me the damn bad guy because I will be just that if I have to be.

On a separate note - I in no way condone Big Birds actions in the above photo. Personally I think he lacks class but you know how he gets down. You can't tell him nothing.


Mista Jaycee said...

Big Bird is a straight GEEEEE!
Of Course he will never be as Evil as BERT!
Ernie said that Bert said if Ernie ever left him he'd kill him and Rubber Ducky!
Now that's Gangsta!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Serious,
Get back to work!