Thursday, June 17, 2010


The evil Boston Celtics have been defeated. The Lakers stand victorious yet again. Kobe Bryant completed yet another Laker rite of passage by leading his Lakers to victory over the hated ones. But.....he almost let it slip right threw his fingers.

Yeah his shot was off, he looked tired, and just a little scared but those three things were not the real problem. The true issue was that he forgot it was a team game. He reverted to his old selfish do it all self. In most cases no ones cares when he takes over becuase, lets face it, he's brilliant. You know he will do something amazing on the court. Tonight was not one of those nights. The Mamba was backed into a corner and chose to strike and strike again, never landing a leathal blow. That was until he realized that he can be dangerous in other ways. It's amazing how someone so gifted and determinned to win can actually fail becuase he is trying to hard. Thank God he got it before it was to late.

Pau and Ron kept us in the game but it was Kobe accepting the role of facilatator that truly got us the win. If he had done it earlier the game would have been a joke.

Props to Ron for keeping his composure all season. I didn't know what to expect when we signed him. I thought Trevor Ariza was a better fit for our system. But you did your thing Ron and played with heart now you are a true Champion. Congrats!!!

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