Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This taste like New Coke.

I just peeped the new design for Wonder Woman's costume and it sucks. Not completely but mostly. No disrespect to Jim Lee, who designed the costume, but he is not the guy you should go to for redesigns. A jacket with rolled up sleeves, really Jim? Kinda late 80's early 90's don't you think. Why not just give her big guns and shoulder pads?

I understand DC's desire to clothe the company's premiere female character, I do. They have a movie in the works and finding an actress who can pull off the classic Wonder Woman costume and still be taken seriously will be very difficult. This is clearly an attempt to tone the characters sex appeal down to make her more acceptable to the general public. Again, understandable. But is it wise? I don't think so. Bet you didn't know they tried this before. Yep, way back in the day they took away Wonder Woman's powers her classic costume and revamped her as a boutique owning, kungu fighting, spy chick. You guessed it, it bombed worse than Jonah Hex.

My issue with most costume redesigns are that they largely forget who the characters are at their core. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior first and a superhero second. This costume does not make her look like a warrior or a hero. In fact she looks kinda slutty with the choker and the gloves. Wanna bet she has a tramp stamp and a pierced tongue too. The bottom line is that it looks trendy and completely loses the iconic appeal of the classic costume. Try again DC.

Below - Classic costume by the great Adam Hughes!

Below - Two great redesigns of Wonder Woman that cover her up a bit more while maintaining her essence. The first one is by the wonderful Ming Doyle. She's awesome right! The second is by the incredible Joe Quinones. He's a bad boy!

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Mista Jaycee said...

I hate it! The National Organization of Women have finally gone too far! Wonder Woman is NOT supposed to be the FEMALE embodiment of Feminity. Sorry Ladies, though I love ya! I DO!
No, Wonder Women is about YOU Guess it! Blocking Bullets, with BIG BOOBS in skimppy outfit! OH YEAH! The comic is for MEN! Over and under weight guys that can't get laid! There the bread and butter!