Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ah, welcome to the first SERIOUS REVIEW. High fives all around. Yeah, anyway, I wanted to share my opinion of my new toy. My hot little, ok massive, smart phone. Here's the skinny, the HTC HD2 runs the windows mobile operating system and it uses HTC Sense as the primary user interface. It has 16gb of memory, a 4.3 in hd touch screen, Transformers 1 and 2 preloaded, FM radio, a 5 mp camera w/ flash, and custom apps for Barnes and Nobles, Mobi TV, Facebook, and You Tube.

Lets start by talking about the screen. Yes ladies, it is that big. It's also crystal clear. It is by far the phones best feature. It makes the iphone look dated. Watching video on this phone is a pleasure plain and simple. The preloaded Transformers flicks are just as mouth beautiful on the HD2 as it would be on any HD TV. Unfortunately the audio just can't compare to the video qaulity. The icons, clock, and animated weather images look stunning. Based on the fact that the HTC Evo and several other new phone have similar screens I suspect it will be the new standard for size and clarity. Try to keep up Apple.

How does the phone work you ask, lets see, it's smooth. The touch screen is very responsive but is still not quite as good as the iphone to me. HTC Sense works seemlessly. It's easy to use and looks very nice. It puts most of the phones features right at the tip of your finger. Things go a little south when you start uses the Winmo features. Things are not quite so easy to navigate and can easily become confusing. The staggered layout of the Winmo start button features is lame. They are trying so hard not to be Apple that they fail to realize that Apple is a master at simplifing and organizing. Nothing wrong with copying some of the good things that work great. Another issue with Winmo is that programs don't seem to close when you close them, they stay open in the task manager. Maybe they figure if you opened it once you may go back soon and having it in the background will make it easier to reopen. Don't know but I have heard complaints that it will slow your phone to a crawl if too many programs are running in the background. Sounds plausible to me. Haven't experienced it though. Here's hoping I don't ever. While it is not as user friendly as an iphone is is perfectly functional once you get use to the program. The only major issue I have with the choice of Winmo over Android and Apple, and it's a big one, is the lack of quality apps. Winmo's apps suck ass. While your pals are telling you they have an app for that or this, fucking pricks, you and your Winmo device will not. I don't get it, why load a phone with so much memory and such a powerful processor to have it run on Winmo? It's like having a Lamborghini will stage coach wheels instead of high performance tires, it's going no where fast. It's really a waste and a missed opportunity by Winmo not to provide qaulity apps. The big apps that come preloaded such as Barnes and Nobles, Mobi TV, Facebook, and You Tube are all awesome. They work great and look good doing it.

The phone's camera is solid at 5mp. The camera quality is good but I would have liked a few editing options like cropping, rotating, etc. I also think it sucks that so many other new phones have upgraded to 8mp cameras and the HD2 is still rocking last years best at 5mp. Whoever made this choice should try to be a little more forward thinking next time. At 8mp I wouldn't even need a real camera.

With 16 gb of memory and a powerful processor this phone should be a media powerhouse. A heavy weight, but it's not. It's more of a middleweight. It needs a better media playback program. Windows Media Player is outdated and can't really handle videos from your torrent library. I loaded 10 vids, all similar in size to the two preloaded Transformer movies, and only one was playable.

At the end of the day this is a beautiful looking solid operating fun phone that packs some serious hardware but fizzles out in the software department. What is does do it does very well. It just needs some good apps and a better media playback program to let it cut loose. T-Mobile please see the Sprint HTC Evo for how to do this correctly. 

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