Saturday, June 19, 2010

Momma said knock you out!!

My 12 year old son got into his first fight at school the other day and I am a little conflicted about how I should feel about it. That's not true, honestly, I'm thrilled that he finally stood up for himself . The only people who would tell you that fighting is always bad and that you should never resort to violence are those blessed enough not to have been bullied or picked on. Sometimes you just gotta put a #*#*@&$!! on his ass. Sometimes fighting is a good thing. In my son's case it certainly is.

We moved last year and lets just say that  his new school is much less tame than his previous. Ok, it's a damn zoo, full of little evil monkeys. He's had his share of run-ins this year with a few asshole kids but has avoided confrontation. His first month there a girl went in his pocket to steal his money. Now, when I was a kid I would have made sure she never tried that again, if you know what I mean. My son is an easy going nice guy who has never seen or experienced anything like that before. He had no idea how to respond. I suspect that his new environment overwhelmed him and stressed him out. So for him to finally stand up for himself is significant. It means he's facing his fears and starting to understand his value. He's becoming a man.

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